3 Reasons You Must Use Your ATM as a Branding Tool

ATMs are essential customer touch points that banks and businesses must utilize to entice customers and promote their products and services. If you have an ATM at your business space, you can make use of it to advertise your brand when customers are withdrawing cash. Below are a few reasons you must make use of your ATM machine as a branding tool:

1. Enhance ATM Usage

Did you know that the average number of transactions made from an ATM machine every month is 800? With the increasing demand and popularity in the use of ATMs, businesses need to make use of this opportunity more than ever. Having a non-branded ATM can be left unnoticed while a branded ATM attracts more customers, increasing your ATM usage and boosting your earnings as a result.

2. Deliver Your Branding Message

One of the reasons ATMs must be branded is that they help businesses deliver their message to potential customers without having to reach out to them. Due to the increasing use of ATMs for cash withdrawal, more people visit your machines for cash. The amount of time they spend interacting with the machine is your golden opportunity to promote your brand or any product/service.

3. Stand out from Competitors

Due to the popularity of ATMs amongst businesses, you need to come up with unique ideas to stand out from your competitors and entice more customers to use your machine. Therefore, with the help of branding tactics, you can make your ATM look unique and appealing, perfect for attracting customers. A dull and boring machine will never attract the audience, but the one that is easily viewable from afar gets more customers.