Whether you operate a small or a large Marijuana dispensary, if you have an ATM machine then the care and maintenance of it is your responsibility.  After all, it is important to ensure that your ATM is always in Top-notch condition, as it is playing a crucial role in attracting your customers. If your customers don’t have an outlet to withdraw cash, then your customer base could decline leading to a loss in business revenue.

Of course, you have the option to hire an outside service provider to take care of the task, but if you are managing at a small scale then these tips will help you cut costs significantly. With these basic tips, you can get the cleaning done in just a few simple steps.

  1. Deactivating the power is the most important step to remember. As this machine operates on electricity, be sure not to mix any electric component with water.
  2. It’s advised to start the cleaning process by getting rid of the dust and debris first. This is also known as dry cleaning the ATM. You can either do so with a soft dry cloth or if there’s too much dust you could opt for a vacuum cleaner with a small brush attachment. If there are crud deposits, it can be cleared by using a can of compressed air.
  3. Focus on cash dispenser and the receipt printer area. If there is anything interfering in the sensor’s functioning, that too must be cleaned with compressed air.
  4. After the dry cleaning, it’s time to make your machine shine. To clean the ATM parts a few basic supplies can be used. You could go it with a small cloth dampened in a mix of detergent water. Be careful not to use excess water and keep away from bleach as it can harm the colour of the machine.
  5. While using the mild cleaning solution also pay attention to the belts and the pick wheels.
  6. Now that the machine is freshly cleaned, wait for it to dry before you start using it again. Also, you must lubricate the parts for smooth functioning.
  7. As you are in the process of deep cleaning it is the right time to do some inspection. Check if the machine has been tampered with. Look out for any skimming devices, unusual attachments, overlays or any drilled holes. Don’t leave out the interior of the card reader, as the latest devices used for skimming card details are installed internally. If anything, suspicious is found, contact the police.
  8. Since you are in the process of maintenance. Make sure to look at the CCTV cameras that have been placed inside for surveillance. These must be functioning properly and should be printed in the right direction. Clean the lens to get a clear view of the footage captured.
  9. Take measures to protect your machine from extreme weather conditions. Placing a space heater in the ATM can help maintain optimal temperature during winters and help prevent any belt or motor issues. If any major storm is about to strike, it’s better to cover your ATM with a heavy plastic sheet or tarp even if you must temporarily keep it out of service. This will help prevent any costly damage.
  10. Keep a written record of the ATM maintenance. This will help your team manage the process more efficiently by looking up what’s been done the previous time.
  11. Another useful tip is to have a hand sanitizer installed near the machine to reduce the passage of bacteria to the machine’s surface.

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