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Is Leasing an ATM the Right Choice to Make?

Buying an ATM is not always the right choice to make, especially if you are struggling to make ends meet. However, with the advancement in ATM technology, more businesses are able to afford an ATM by leasing it. At ATM Machines Alaska, we offer a leasing option for small businesses that cannot buy an ATM by paying an upfront cost.

Free Repair and Maintenance

When you lease an ATM with us, you can rest assured that any type of additional cost will not fall on your shoulders. At ATM Machines Alaska, we ensure that you are out of stress by offering you a chance to deduct cash from the monthly fee in case you spent on repairing issues in your machine. This makes it easy for you to keep your machine in order without having to pay for it.

Fixed Monthly Fee

Small businesses often struggle with their budget, which is why they are unable to pay for their ATM repairs. However, at ATM Machines Alaska, we let small businesses feel stress-free by offering them a fixed monthly fee that doesn’t require them to set-up a unique budget every month. When you know what you have to pay every month until the end of your lease term, you can easily set your budget and invest in your business without any trouble.

Increased Earnings

Every opportunity, small or big, must be utilized by businesses. Our ATM leasing allows businesses to make the most of the commissions earned off of their machines. When you have an ATM at your business space, you offer your customers a service of cash withdrawal that is charged. This surcharge is what helps you earn extra money that goes directly into your account. Based on your desire, you can pay for your machine with the surcharge you receive every month and it will only take a few months to pay off your ATM machine.

Why Lease an ATM?

If you are in search of a unique business opportunity, but don’t have enough money for investment, ATM leasing Is the right option. At ATM Machines Alaska, we are the leading ATM service providers in Alaska. As leaders in the industry, we understand that not every business is able to purchase an ATM of their own, which is why we offer leasing. Leasing an ATM costs less and is a completely hassle-free process. Upon receiving your lease request, we will collect your details and ship your machine to your provided address. Our team will place and install your ATM at your desired location, allowing you to earn money off of it.

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