How to Advertise through Your ATM Machine?

Your ATM machine is a revenue generator for your business. Every transaction made from your machine helps you earn extra money. However, there are more earning opportunities that ATMs provide than mere convenience fee. Your ATM machine is a great tool for advertisement. If used correctly, businesses can promote their products and services to potential customers who make use of their machines for cash transactions. Here’s how:

Utilize the Screen

Every ATM has a screen that usually offers customers options for their transactions. But what most businesses do not realize is that the screen is a highly important advertising tool that can be used to interact with the customers. Because customers’ attention is on the screen, you are certain to receive your customers’ undivided attention. Therefore, utilize the screen and place an advert of your brand promoting a product or service so you can entice potential customers.

Get Your Name on the Receipt

Another great way of advertising through your ATM is to place your message on the receipt. Most customers request receipts when they make a transaction for future reference. With your brand name or message on the receipt, you can rest assured that potential customers are getting exposed to your ad.

ATM Wraps

Your ATM machine can also be used as a billboard. Instead of leaving your machine looking unattractive, you can wrap it in an advertisement of your brand. Whether you run a grocery store or a restaurant, you can design posters and wraps promoting your products and services so more customers are exposed to your message during their transactions.