3 Tips to Protect Your ATMs

With the advancement in ATM technology, criminals are coming up with sophisticated methods of stealing money from consumer accounts through an ATM machine. With the thieves getting smarter, businesses with ATMs need to make use of clever strategies and security tactics to protect their machines and consumers from any kind of loss. Below are a few tips that will help you stay protected from tech-savvy ATM criminals:

1. Lookout for Skimming Devices

Criminals have become quite smart and when it comes to getting credit or debit card information through ATMs, they make use of skimming devices. These devices easily fit over the card slot, which makes it hard for anyone to recognize the difference. however, if the card slot seems out of place, bulky, or poorly fixed, make sure you check to see if it is properly attached or not. If you find any tape or adhesive around the card slot, there’s a high chance that it is attached separately.

2. Check the Keypad

Another common technique used by criminals is to set up a false keypad over the real keypad on an ATM machine. This is a technique that they use to get hold of credit and debit card pins. These false keypads record keystrokes electronically and deliver the information to the criminals so they can easily make use of your card to get money.

3. Locate Hidden Cameras

A popular technique that most criminals use to get hold of your PIN is using a camera. Criminals install tiny cameras around the ATM in such a way that they are facing the keypad. In order to ensure that your PIN is safe and no camera is capturing it is to hide it while entering it. You should also check the machine before making use of it to see if there is any camera on it. If you find any loose part on the machine, avoid using it.